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Strategic Communications


We develop communication strategies that are relevant, that tap into pertinent and current conversations, and that effectively profile the executive, leader or organisation.

Our strategic communication process begins with an analysis of the executive/ leader/organisation as well as the industry and sector, to determine how each is positioned. We identify current and relevant communication opportunities within this context and secure platforms and opportunities for profiling.

Moxy also provides strategic communication counsel to executives in both their personal and organisational capacities. In a personal capacity, Moxy assists the executive in entrenching his or her position within a particular sector/industry or within a particular capacity. In an organisational capacity, Moxy assists executives in managing change, dealing with the media, and in becoming thought leaders within their organisation and industry.

Communication Skills Coaching


Executives play an important and varied role as communicators – in how they communicate to staff, in their conversations with leaders, and how they deal with the media. Moxy assists executives in improving their communication skills and the effect of that communication. We understand how people want to be spoken to and through which channels. We help executives understand their audience, how and what to communicate, and at what intervals.

Media Relations


The media plays an important role in the life of the executive and organisation and how they are presented to the world. Our experience as media strategists has taught us that there are ways of dealing with the media and very specific ways of not dealing with the media.

We assist clients in identifying the media they should be speaking to and coach clients on how to improve and build on their relationships with the media.

Stakeholder Relationships


Moxy’s expertise is also focused on stakeholder engagement and on building relationships with stakeholders. Our approach is on extending and accessing a large network of clients and assisting clients in leveraging off each other within this network framework. It’s about creating a network of relationships that you continually build on and maintain.


Thought Leadership / Executive Profiling


We assist executives in positioning themselves as thought leaders by involving them in topical conversations taking place on different public platforms.

We also focus on changing the course of conversation. Our approach helps the executive entrench his or her position within a particular sector or within a particular capacity.

Our Services