Our Story

Moxy Communications was established in 2012 by communication and media specialists Samantha Henkeman and Madelein Williams.

The Moxy story, however, really begins in 2002, when Samantha met Madelein while working at the South African Reserve Bank. It was here they realised their shared passion for the value and art of stimulating conversation.

Working together the pair weaved a kind of magic, displaying a keen and intuitive ability to initiate effective and turnaroundcommunication strategies. Samantha and Madelein were never afraid to question the status quo. They had the conversations that made other people uncomfortable. They buried themselves in understanding the decision-making process, ”If you are not in the centrefold of the decision-making process, it makes the communication you produce very superficial,” says Samantha.

Samantha knew that she was gaining specific and valuable skills needed for leadership communication and, with some foresight, first registered the Moxy business in 2007.


Crossing paths with Madelein once again in 2010 brought home to Samantha the value of what they had learnt and experienced working together at the South African Reserve Bank; what had made certain communication approaches successful and where other approaches failed.


Samantha knew too that it was time to make Moxy a reality and the business opened its Johannesburg offices in 2012.

Today, at the Moxy helm, Samantha puts her clients at the centre of topical and meaningful conversations taking place on relevant media channels. “This is not advertising. This is not PR. We find opportunities to create and participate in conversations on topical and meaningful issues. It’s about having proper conversations. That’s the difference,” says Samantha.

Since opening its doors Moxy’s clients have included UNFPA South Africa, UNFPA ESARO, UNICEF South Africa, Zukie Siyotula (Executive Head: Oil & Gas, Thebe Group), Tito Mboweni (Governor Prior of the South African Reserve Bank), Louis von Zeuner (Former Deputy Group CEO, Absa Bank), BloombergLP and Thabiso Tlelai (CEO, The Don Group & Founder, Amabubesi Investment Group).

Our Story