Samantha Henkeman

Samantha Henkeman is the founder and director of the Moxy Communications Consultancy and has vast experience as a strategic communications and media specialist.

She has worked in complex environments across different sectors, with a particular focus on the macro economy. These sectors have included central banking, the South African and African banking sectors and financial services. Samantha has also become extensively involved in issues surrounding social and economic development.

Samantha specialises in communication strategies, relationship building, media management, personal brand management and stakeholder engagement. As Moxy, Samantha offers a specialised service to executives and organisations, attending to clients personally in their capacity as communication strategists.

Samantha understands the things that impede conversation; the language, cultural and technological barriers. She understands how people want to be spoken to and through which channels. She has dealt with people from all walks of life, worked with iconic leaders and built relationships with South Africa’s leading business media.

 Samantha Henkeman