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MEDIA RELATIONS: Insightful content on maternal health presented by UNFPA gets the media’s attention

Moxy has become very involved in the social and economic development space. This is a priority area for South Africa and Africa, and there is an increasing worldwide focus on development issues. Moxy assisted the UN on the AU’s International Conference on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Africa held in Johannesburg in 2013. The African Union Commission and South Africa’s Department of Health were also involved in the event.

Moxy assisted with media liaison and media registration for the event as well as the development of the content. Moxy arranged interviews across government, dealing at high-level within the departments as well as with United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.




Samantha Henkeman, Moxy founder and director, comments, “When I started working with the UN, I found that the media was not fully aware of or did not view maternal health issues as pertinent. They may feature headlines about the 128 000 girls that fall pregnant each year, but there’s not much in-depth coverage of the issues that lead to these statistics or the impact this has on the bigger economic picture. So that’s where the conversation needs to go.”

Samantha continues, explaining how, particularly among lower LSM groups, the teenage girl’s chances of returning to school post pregnancy are diminished and how ultimately this impacts on her ability to contribute to the country’s GDP. Related to this is the maternal and reproductive health issues that impact on a women’s working life.

Moxy continue to work with other UN agencies including UNFPA South Africa, UNFPA ESARO and UNICEF South Africa, with one of their most important current projects being the communications strategy for UN South Africa.