Zukie Siyotula

PROFILING: Zukie Siyotula’s participation in Trek4Mandela opens up other important conversations

Johannesburg-based communications consultancy, Moxy, provides executive profiling services – assisting executives and leaders in participating in important discussions and topical issues that profile them among relevant stakeholders and in the relevant media. One of the most important steps in this profiling process is understanding what makes the executive tick and the issues that resonate with him or her.

When Moxy founder and managing director Samantha Henkeman met Zukie Siyotula, Executive Head: Oil and Gas from the Thebe Group, she discovered someone who is as passionate about business as she is about gender issues, both within the broader social and corporate context. Samantha comments, “She’s young, intelligent and ambitious, but first, she’s a woman. She loves fashion and makes no excuses for that. At the same time, she works in an environment where women are almost expected to conform. She’s debunked all of that.”

Moxy carefully looked at raising Siyotula’s profile on gender issues, but choosing to only go with business platforms. When Siyotula participated in the Trek4Mandela Campaign and summited Kilimanjaro, she had the opportunity to talk on multiple issues that she shared a passion for – not only the important work done by Trek4Mandela to raise funds and awareness around the supply of basic sanitary products for girls, but also several issues around corporate citizen investment.


Siyotula’s passionate support for Trek4Mandela also opened up important conversations around balancing fundraising with business initiatives, what fundraising models to pursue, and the empowerment of women from a holistic point of view that incorporates education and economic empowerment as well as attending to very basic and personal needs.

Moxy assists in creating these targeted interventions with the media so that the important conversations can take place. It means choosing the right media platforms and audience, and speaking to them in a way that is relevant and meaningful. Another important component is selecting media that influences other media, so that a story receives wider coverage.


In as much as the relationship with the executive is important, the relationship with the media is also key, and Moxy is this bridge – bringing that relationship together in a relevant space to have shared conversations of mutual and beneficial interest.